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Volumez has developed a cloud-delivered block storage provisioning service for containerized applications. Storage features such as performance, resiliency and security are specified by customer’s declarative input.
Here is the second part of our interview with Mainline Information Systems storage architect Rob Young, following part 1. We talked about proprietary vs standard SSD formats, high-speed cloud block storage, CXL, file vs block and single tier vs multi-tier arrays and more.
Volumez, a revolutionary modern cloud infrastructure company, today announced storage and cloud infrastructure industry expert and visionary John Blumenthal has joined the company to lead product, customer and marketing strategy.
The French Storage Podcast - S04 | E164
Volumez, new comer in the storage galaxy, joined the recent IT Press Tour in California and it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about what they do with the idea to share this with the world.
These 10 data storage startups are tackling such important customer requirements as decentralized storage, lower-cost data protection, flash storage, components and even technologies such as DNA storage that border on science fiction.