Interoperability is a big deal (and a big headache) with traditional controller-based storage systems. Production-grade enterprise data path (I/O) programming is one of the most complex software engineering challenges on the planet. In one year, a moderately high performance storage system can process around the same number of I/O transactions as there are cells in a human body (3 x 10^13), with zero tolerance for mishandling even a single write I/O after acknowledgement.  

This is why storage development is hard, and customers and vendors take interop so seriously. It’s also why most enterprise and cloud storage systems are either packaged as turnkey appliances or as software-defined-storage with complex matrices of certified hardware.

Volumez is different. Our data plane, which runs in your VPC or data center, is the same trusted software already running on billions of devices around the world: the Linux kernel.

And our control plane is SaaS, hosted in our cloud.

This means Volumez can theoretically run anywhere that supports Linux, and for production usage, we simply certify Linux distributions (currently Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, and Amazon Linux) and cloud platforms (currently AWS and Azure, with GCP and more coming soon).

Explore below to learn more about Volumez platform support.