Volumez CEO and The French Storage Podcast: Volumez is Radical Innovation for Cloud

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The French Storage Podcast recently interviewed Volumez CEO Amir Faintuch about the evolving storage industry, the rise and issues of cloud computing and what Volumez is doing to bridge the gap between traditional and new ways to manage and store data.

Faintuch noted that he recently joined the Israel-based startup, attracted by its radical innovation and the depth of its existing team, led by founder Jonathan Amit. Faintuch and podcast host Philippe Nicolas noted that the modern cloud has introduced a new set of challenges for enterprises increasingly dependent on managing and delivering massive amounts of data with high performance, low latency and predictability. The growth of AI and machine learning, combined with the other sources of data, will only make data storage more critica.

Volumez, which recently announced $20 million U.S. in a Series A funding (https://volumez.com/volumez-news/volumez-secures-20-million-funding/), is focused on the composable data infrastructure (CDI) market, in which the physical layers of storage, networking and computing are separated and orchestrated via software to greatly improve performance.

Volumez is taking a completely controller-less approach with its software-as-a-service offering, which in addition to improving the performance of data is less costly than traditional storage models. Nicolas commented, “It’s a modern and disruptive approach to leveraging cloud, Kubernetes and Linux for flexibility and performance for block storage.”

Faintuch explained that the number one benefit of the company’s innovative approach is predictability, because the most pain point in cloud offerings, whether hybrid or multi-cloud, is that it’s very difficult to guarantee performance.

Volumez stands behind its technology with a performance guarantee and offers enterprise-grade resiliency, so users get the performance of on-premise storage with benefits of cloud services – all while breaking the sub one millisecond barrier.

Listen here for the entire podcast, https://tfsp.fr/?k=244653, and learn more about Volumez here.